Thursday, 15 August 2013

More MVC collaboration with EAGT Rahaleo Orphanage Centre in 2013

Successful collaboration with EAGT Rahaleo  Orphanage Centre,  

Mtwara, Tanzania,  August 2013

Country Directors Mahmoud and Amin Sinani visited again Mtwara's EAGT Rahaleo Orphanage Centre;  for the 4th summer, a representation of Mtwara Volunteering Crew (MVC) visited and helped with some food supplies the Orphanage managers. Mahmoud and Amin Sinani  identified another orphan, from EAGT Rahaleo Orphanage Centre, with an academic potential and that currently has exeptional academic results at school; therefore MVC Directors decided to help him with some of his tuition fees to join Form 5 and Form 6. This will consequently help the student's progress either academically or personally speaking.  
Furhtermore both Directors, Mahmoud and Amin Sinani, did arrange a follow up meeting with Yusuf Said, a former orphan from the same centre. Yusuf Said's story is a Happy Ending one. Yusuf was the first orphan from EAGT Rahaleo Orphanage Centre sponsored in his studies; MVC identified his human potential as well as his studying skills in their first visit to the Orphanage in July 2008.  Yusuf had had outstaning academic results and was, from the first moment MVC met him,  eager to finish a qualification in teaching. It was for that reason, that MVC focused on  helping him with his academic fees from July 2008 till July 2012. Yusuf Said has now succesfully graduated himself at University as a qualified teacher thanks of course to his endeavor and some MVC financial sponsoring. We are really proud of him and extremely happy to hear that he continues collaborating with the Orphanage that helped him to shine.  

Mtwara after MVC saw the positive results in sponsoring Rahaleo Eagt orphanage formal attendee Yusuf MVC hopes that after Yusuf's success some more students in Mtwara will aspire to follow his footprints and apply themselves in their studies to further progress in their future lives. 

Great Success at the 3rd Boxing Event organized by MYDP in Mtwara Nangwanda stadium last, 10th of August 2013

Mtwara Volunteers are extremely Happy with their new Mtwara Youth Development Program (MYDP), we are overwhelmed announcing Black Mamba's Great Success at organizing a 3rd boxing event which took place in Mtwara Nangwanda stadium on Saturday, 10th of August 2013.

Mtwara Black Mambas plan dominating the sport of boxing for the entire Tanzania: "for sure we defeated boxers who come to fight boxers of Mtwara." So we request all stakeholders worldwide: boxing lovers as well as non-boxing lovers but youth lovers in particular Southerners from Mtwara, Tanzania to give us support.

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